quarz cuvettes / TA vectors ?

C. J. FIelds cjfields at jove.acs.unt.edu
Fri Aug 28 11:02:34 EST 1998

Markus Schneemann wrote:

> Hi all:
> we want to purchase a quarz glass cuvette to measure DNA in a spec (100ul
> volume), and they are so outrageously expensive - $440/cuvette.
> Does anybody know a 'cheap' supplier ?
> the same for TA cloning vectors - is there a reasonably priced vendor, or
> a recipe to make them by oneself ?
> Cheers,
> Markus

  I don't know about the cuvettes, but one can use a vector that has tandem
XcmI sites which, when cut, will leave a T overhang analogous to that of the
TA kit (and it's much, much cheaper and bulkable).

I think the Cloning Vector Collection may have a few of these vectors.  You
can find it at:


They were very helpful in getting plasmids that I needed.  It's very
economical (i.e. free!)

Good luck!!

CJ Fields

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