Brainstorming--Nontraditional Career Choices with Micro

Brian Vastag vastagb at exchange.nih.gov
Thu Aug 27 10:00:30 EST 1998

If you can write, you can always try your hand in science writing.
There are a variety of options...univeristy and corporate PR jobs are
most plentiful, while science reporter jobs are harder to come by but
are available for people with good skills. Because you know micro, you
could specialize in that beat. Let me know if you want some
pointers...one place to start is the National Association of Science

Brian Vastag
vastag at nasw.org

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998 08:51:48 GMT, lcole at u.washington.edu wrote:

>Hi.  I've just graduated with B.S. in Micro/Biochem, have very little lab
>experience (from a 3 Qtr. research class), and am 34. I would really
>appreciate comments from anyone who has looked off-the-beaten path for
>careers involving micro (i.e., beaten path = Ph.D./M.S. for research/lab
>medicine/pharmacy/M.D.).  My primary interest is infectious disease.
>Thank you, Leslie
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