Microdissection...need sources

Brian Vastag vastagb at exchange.nih.gov
Thu Aug 27 10:04:13 EST 1998

I'm a reporter for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute
working on story about laser microdissection technologies. I need to
talk to people familiar with some of the new machines out there: one
is made by Arcturus Engineering (under license from NIH), called LCM,
or laser capture microdissection; the other by a German company
(MicroLaser, I believe is their name), called PALM. LCM users an IR
laser, PALM users UV.

If you know anything about either of these machines, are considering
purchasing either, I'd love to hear from you. Also, I'd like to talk
to pathologists--the primary target of these new lasers.

Feel free to call collect, or drop an email.

Btw, I'm reporting this story from all sides, as objectively as
possible. The Journal strives NOT to be a "house organ" for NCI.

Brian Vastag
Reporter -- Journal of the National Cancer Institute
(301) 402-4810
vastagb at exchange.nih.gov -or- vastag at nasw.org

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