UV Radiation

Mon Aug 24 07:44:10 EST 1998

I'm not too familiar with algae, but I can take a guess as to a 
mechanism.  Its well known that UV radiation can induce gene 
activation.  A good example is the UV activation of latent viruses 
such as herpes simplex and bacteriophage lamda.  Could clumping be an 
evolutionary adaptation?  What if UV radiation induced damaged 
activated a gene for a clumping protein.  A clumped bunch of algal 
cells would be more resistant to UV light then dispersed cells because 
the cells at the center of the clump would be shaded from the 
radiation.  Cells which had the fastest clumping response would 
probably be more likely to end up in the center of the clump.  Cool!

Jay Mone'

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