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>Does anyone know the name for the cultivation method during fermentation,
>when you add nutrient medium, perform batch cultivation, then after the
>cycle's over you take away part of the culture liquid with cells, add
>nutrient medium and start a new cycle? I thought it would be fed-batch, but
>some of my colleages say that fed-batch is when you constantly add the
>nutrient medium.
>Thank you
>Tigran Arzumanov
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    The culturing method you are referring to is called batch cascade
fermentation. Your collegues are correct in regards to fed-batch
fermentations- fresh medium is added (at a constant rate or step-rate
increased) until the working volume is reached (at which point the
fermentation becomes a continuous culture). There are also variations on the
classical cascade fermentation where fresh medium is added as in fed batch-
the fermentation is then called a fed-batch cascade fermentation.
    I hope this information helps!

                    Dennis Bayrock, B.Sc., M.Sc.

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