Rarefaction program ?

Henryk Rozycki henroz at biol.uni.torun.pl
Sun Aug 23 18:07:39 EST 1998

You wrote: 

> I am interested in using rarefaction to measure the bacterial diversity in
> agricultural soil. I have characterized over 200 isolates taken from soil
> and used Excel to calculate dissimilarity matrices. Now I would like to
> use rarefaction to determine diversity (as shown by Torsvik, et. al.,1990,
> AEM, v.56, p.776-781). 
> Does anyone know of a program available that I may download and/or
> purchase that may help me? If so, how do I get info on it? I would
> greatly appreciate any help.

Dear Michelle (& whoever also interested),

To calculate rarefaction, you can use WWW on-line service under the following 
The only thing you have to do is just to type-in the numbers of 
species/ecotypes/clusters, separated by spaces. Except the rarefaction 
estimate (for a given number of strains), you will also get its lower and upper 
95% confidence limits.



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