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> Dear Collegues:
> We want to purchase a Luminiscence Spectrometer to measure
> fluorescence. We have received information (and price) of the LS-50B
> Luminiscence Spectrometer of Perkin Elmer.

I used this fluorometer (the LS-50) for the past three years and was very
satisfied. It's a very powerfull apparatus. I used a sealed microcell that
allowed me to used a peristaltic pump to load my samples in the cell that
reduced a lot (3X) the required time to do the reading.

Emmision / exitation scans facility was also very appreciated.

I also used a microplate fluorometer (CyofluorII). It's very convinent to
have up to 96 readings in a minute or two, but this apparatus uses filters
and is much less versatile than the LS-50.

I think that the LS-50R is a newer version than LS-50 that allow you to
upgrade it to transform it into a microplate fluorometer.

Finally, I recommend it.

Christian Bélanger

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