Brainstorming--Nontraditional Career Choices with Micro

Paul paul at demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 21 04:59:19 EST 1998

Hi there,

I have also recently graduated with a BCs in microbiology in the UK.  I am
currently seeking employment.  I have had most success with job agencies so
far, as I have nought experience, and about a head-full of knowledge (other
people's experiences ...since the first human figured out the kinetic energy in
a piece of wood).

I can't be of much help, but what I would recommend would be sell your
house, move to a developing country, and set up your own business doing
something you are keen about in a self funded way - you should have enough
funds to run a very basic shed full of cheap apparatus (bunsen powered
incubator, petri dishes, specimens for local population, local-grown agar
substitute), and enough money left over to survive the low costs of living.
That all sounds rather exciting, and certainly of the beat.  Agree?


In article <6re3n2$pto$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>, lcole at u.washington.edu
>Hi.  I've just graduated with B.S. in Micro/Biochem, have very little lab
>experience (from a 3 Qtr. research class), and am 34. I would really
>appreciate comments from anyone who has looked off-the-beaten path for
>careers involving micro (i.e., beaten path = Ph.D./M.S. for research/lab
>medicine/pharmacy/M.D.).  My primary interest is infectious disease.
>Thank you, Leslie
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