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Gary Lum glum at ozemail.com.au
Thu Aug 20 06:09:41 EST 1998

Digger wrote:

> Is there any fungi expert who can e-mail me a kind of "top10" list of
> fungis? It may seem strange, but very important to me. I'm constructing a
> database on allmost every fungicides, but i don't have any iformation about
> most common fungis. Even if you have a link to a page about this subject,
> please send it to me.

Try bionet.mycology, you're bound to find an interested mycologist
there.  Your question is a bit too general.  What do you mean by top
10?  Top 10 in numbers isolates, top 10 in terms of significance in
hspitalised patients.  Top 10 in ...


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