Valero Congil, Jesus Manuel JValero at inasmet.es
Wed Aug 19 05:25:40 EST 1998

Dear Collegues:

We want to purchase a Luminiscence Spectrometer to measure 
fluorescence. We have received information (and price) of the LS-50B 
Luminiscence Spectrometer of Perkin Elmer.

We want to evaluate other possibilities. Any information about your 
experience with this equipment or something similar will be valuable.

The equipment must have the following specifications:

- Source: Xenon discharge lamp
- Sample Detector: Gated photomultiplier modified to operate up to 
650 nm. Interchangeable red-sensitive photomultiplier for use to 900 
- Monochromators: Excitation 200-800 nm; emission 200-900 nm
- Spectral bandpass: Excitation slits 2.5-15 nm; Emission slits 
2.5-20 nm (in 0.1 nm intervals)
- Scanning speed: increments of 1 nm from 10-1500 nm/min. Data also 
collected with respect to time.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration

Jesus M. Valero
Biodeterioration and Biodegradation
Environmental Technologies Dpt.
email: jvalero at inasmet.es
Fax: +34 43 21 75 60
Tel: +34 43 31 66 22

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