WTB - 40x,100x SPLAN objectives for BH2 microscope

Kelly J. Warren warren at dermis.com
Sun Aug 16 02:40:43 EST 1998

I recently purchased a used BH2; it is being shipped to me now and I have
not actually seen the scope.  I understand that it has only 4x and 10x Dplan
microscope objectives.  I will need 40x and 100x objectives as well.  I am
on somewhat of a tight budget, but want to try and stretch in order to get
Splans rather than Dplan objectives if at all within my means.  Do you have
any used 40x or 100x Olympus Splans they wish to sell?  Additionally, if
anyone has 4x and 10x Splans at a good price, I might be interested in them
as well.  Thanks,


Kelly J. Warren
warren at dermis.com

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