Postdoctoral position in Microbiology/Veterinary Science at University of Arizona

Stephen Billington billing at vetsci.microvet.arizona.edu
Thu Aug 13 11:34:33 EST 1998


Position available for immediate work on development of products for
immunoprophylaxis and therapy of bacterial diseases of humans and
domestic animals.  Work in our laboratory is focused primarily on the
pathogenesis of infections by Gram-positive bacteria, including
Clostridium perfringens, Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, and
Arcanobacterium pyogenes.  The current project involves passive
immunoprophylaxis of Clostridium difficile infections and therapy of
Helicobacter pylori infections.  The general approach involves
immunization of chickens to produce immune IgY in yolk. In the case of
C. difficile, approaches will probably be directed toward genetic
toxoids of toxins A and B, as well as somatic antigens of vegetative
cells and spores.  Numerous potential immunogens of H. pylori have been
identified through the genome sequencing project.

The project requires an individual to identify candidate immunogens,
clone and express appropriate genes, and work with other project
personnel to achieve efficacious antibody responses in chickens. 
Opportunities will be available for basic work in microbial pathogenesis
and procaryotic genetics.

The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in microbiology, or a similar
discipline, with experience in molecular biology. Expertise in tissue
culture and/or animal handling will be an advantage.

For further information, contact Dr. J. Glenn Songer at the
address/phone/email address below.  Additional contacts are Drs. Stephen
Billington and Helen Jost, at the same address, 520-621-2745, email
jost at vetsci.microvet.arizona.edu or billing at vetsci.microvet.arizona.edu.

J. Glenn Songer, Ph.D.
Department of Veterinary Science and Microbiology
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ  85721  USA
520-621-2962 voice
520-621-6366 FAX
email gsonger at u.arizona.edu

Internet access via http://microvet.arizona.edu

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