polypropylene and cell adhesion

A.Ferszt a.ferszt at nospam.ic.ac.uk
Tue Aug 11 21:40:30 EST 1998

Anthony P. Wiemelt wrote:
> Greetings.  I have an idea, and I need advice.  I would like to do
> RT-PCR reactions on a specific cell type than is found in low frequency
> in a larger cell population.  We frequently isolate these cells by a
> technique termed 'immunopanning' where we coat polystyrene with an
> antibody directed against the cell type we want.  Passing a mixture of
> cells over the plate, only the desired cells adhere.  For the RT-PCR,
> our tubes are polypropylene.  I do not know whether cells or antibody
> protein would adhere to this surface.  Has anyone had any experience
> with this?  Would coating with silane or something similar help?  Thanks
> for any replies.  Please email me at twiemelt at wista.wistar.upenn.edu
> Tony Wiemelt
> The Wistar Institute
> Philadelphia, PA

Can you not then detach the cells from the polystyrene (light
trypsinisation or whatever) and transfer them to the polypropylene for
the reaction? In the labs I've been in we normally used polypropylene
when we didn't want cells or protein to stick. Some tubes were more
'non-stick' than others...you could try several types and see if any of
them might do. Never tried coating them 'cause it can be toxic to cells.

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