Measels vaccine?

PJH elek at netstra.com.au
Tue Aug 11 18:39:52 EST 1998

I'm looking for information about
the measels vaccine which is
currently the subject of a
vaccination programme run by the
Australian federal
government. It's aimed at kids in
late primary and early high school.

There's a glossy pamphlet with
"motherhood" type reassurances. One
in particular
tells us that foetal tissue is not
used to grow the virus.

There's an "information" page at

My question :-

Is monkey kidney tissue still being
used to cultivate viruses of this

Even asking this is kind of awkward
for me  because I've always been a
supporter of
immunisation and tend to believe
what the authorities say. Trouble
is, I've become
aware of the circumstantial
evidence which suggests that AIDS
was introduced into
the human population thru
contaminated polio vaccine. The
measels vaccine uses a
live virus, I think, so how does
the public know what else their
kids might be getting?

Thanks in advance for any


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