seeking info: link btw Chromium, hepatic glycogen metabolism, and amylace deposits

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¨ Hi, I'm glad, at last, to find a place loaded with solid medical journals
vs all the commercial spiels on nutrients.  I hope you'll bear with me as I
desribe my sugar disorder and my research so far... I have an appointment
with a specialist, a Brian Smith, of Neorology in Health Sciences, wpg, MB on
Sept 1, 98  and want to clear up any basic misconceptions of my "thoery"

 Also, If anyone gets Chronic fatiuge like symptoms, and colds/ flues from
sugar accompanied by the low end of "drunkeness", please reply...I'v been
getting very frustrated lately. ' ' ' o k

here goes...... ¨ I'v been diagnosed, in 1992, with Chronic Fatiuge Syndrome,
due to an overtaxing of my system due to food sensitivities.

¨ I was tested, my doctor saying to come back in 5-10 years, as many new
enzymes were being discovered, and also that a muscle biopsy might be in
order to determine which one was missing, and also, since I was premature by
1.5 months, to see if I simply had small muscle cells.

¨ My metabolism of sugar seems to be slow. All starches ecept for whole
grains, since break down to glucose slower, are out for me, as well as sweets
and high fructose fruits. ¨ Chromium P. seems to be helping me not get the
dizzy/ uncoordinated effects on my nervous system (cerebral hypoxia?) and I'v
had sore throats and upset stomacks simply fade away after taking a GTF

¨ I'm wondering if somehow, either the unprocessed glucose could "ferment'
and therefore be treated as an allergen- therefore causing inflamation in the

¨ 1)(but how would it get there- a general primer would be nice), and also am
seeking a general primer on the

¨ 2)natural state of GTF- it does occur natrally in our liver- right?, or do
we simply from birth get the mineral from feedings?

¨ 3) and the normal ways glucose (say injested from fruit/ starch broken down
due to stomack acids?) is broken down (names for the various states of that
would be nice)

¨ 4)and also how it is then transported to my cells (and why that is
important- how does it get switched into energy...which pathway to the brain,

¨ 5) and how chromium plays a role in the cerebral glucose metabolism
level... are there any specific conditions, in a mild level (ie cerebral
hypoxia) caused by this

¨ 6)Definition of Ishemia-- could a lack of chromium/ or one of the ions that
are on the receptor spots on the blood c cells (that would go to the brain,
increasing the oxegen level there) be used up therefore *causing* Ischemia,

¨ which would explain my dizziness, but not the allegic defence system
(before it took weeks to get over a cold)...maybe after I leant to aviod the
antigen (sugar) ¨ the reaction got deconditioned, so that now it only goes
into action a little?)

¨ could both a lack of ozegen to the brain (via lack chromium causing Ichemia
in blood stream resulting in cerebral hypoxia) ¨ and the remaining
unprocessed glucose (treated as allergen causing inflamation- in brain?)

¨ be in operation at the same time?

¨ I'm sending a copy of this to my hometown doctor (starting ongoing passing
files to my doctor...he approved my taking chromium after telling him the
effects of taking small doses)

¨ Any input/ corrections/ explanations you could contribute, would be greatly
appreciated.  Any reserch centers around the prairies which are doing
anything along this line I'd like to hear about.

¨ I'v been tested, quite thoughly in Health Sciences, under direction of
Doctor Siesha, head of pediatric neurology in 1991. Results were also sent to
someplace in Ontario. ¨ Am wanting a run of tests within the next year, to
reasess allergies/ standard diabeates test (to make sure I still dont have
it), and test for chromium level (can that be done?)

¨ Many thanks, and strength to your hard working eyes, ¨ Lucinda Kroeker

Here's another posting I did in refernce to an online artical, also furthur
describing my symptoms......(the items with dark stars are from the artical,
light stars precede my comments)

***: With that in mind, let's talk about the nature and many critical
differences between these basic ways we may react to foods. : : : Delayed
reactions, in comparison, look like this: delayed food allergy is extremely
common in both children and adults (at last count over eighty medical
conditions are associated with, caused or made worse by allergic reactions to

¨ This is so very, very intresting to me...  you see, i have a condition that
is a cross, i guess between hypoglycemia and chronic fatuige syndrome.	I'v
been tested by the head neurologist at heath Sciences in Winnipeg, MB- a
standard glucose monitering with urine samples and video camera to moniter
stange behavior, i guess (i once walked from table to sink for 15 minutes,
always forgetting what i was going to do and where i'd left the discloth in
one of my more acute ephisodes before i was put on bedrest for a year) ¨ I
was also given the little "metal nodes' that they sort of glue on your head
and measure electrical activity-- still don't remember the name for it) ¨
During the same week,  they had me on an exersize bycicle (with full "face"
mask of gather spit/ect) to measure my (output?) of lactic acid? ¨ .  They
furthur sent my results to someone in toronto  and so far they said (this was
in 1991) that it could be beczuse of by small muscle cells (i was premature)
or that i might be missing an enzyme.  (i'v been tested twice for diabetes,
and this conditon is not helped by insulin..

****allergic symptoms appear after swallowing 2 hours to 72 hours afterwards;
any system, organ or tissue of your body can be affected (the brain, joints,
muscles, middle ear, kidneys, bladder, and nerves, e.g., as well as the
airways, digestive tract and skin);

¨ Now i'm reading/ researching about gtf, apparently somthing that occurs
naturally in the liver, that allows the blood sugar to attach? itself to the
cells.	Now, in my limited thinking, that would mean that if there was excess
unprocessed sugar (because of lack of gluocose tolerance facter ---(is that
the actual scientific name?... or is it synominous with chromium?...and which
type of chromium as well?)  anyways, excess of unprocessed forien body
sometimes gets that "enemy" stamp causing it to be turned into allergen,

¨ Is the stuff your saying about parts becoming inflamed, including the
brain, synonomous with Enviromed Research's paper "delayed patterns of food
alergy"..... ¨ cuz i'v heard rumors of other people beign told that thier
allergy to sugar (like mine)  somehow works in the fashion of their body...
somehow, all of a sudden changing the molecular structure of sugar into the
structure for heroin....a rather science-fiction
our-bodies-taking-over-ourselves kind of approach... ¨ but one that definitly
would explain the type of drugged out reaction i do have... i just never
really get the high from this "drug", maybe numbing somewhat.

 *****3 to 10 foods--or more--are responsible for delayed allergic reactions
in your diet (I've read about and personally treated food allergic patients
with over 20 allergic foods in their diets that they had to eliminate in
order to get

¨ This sounds like the concept of cross-"pollenation"  of foods... as in,
because bread often contains milk for baking, that might have to be
eliminated and cheese as well, or a more official example... that of teenny
bits of nuts being present in other prepared foods... or there even are foods
 that naturally have elements that are the same type as their chief antigen
...i. e. nuts ¨ is this the concept your referring to?	Or is there another
reason, like, as in, 20 actual different root foods that aren't really
connected to each other?

¨ Thanks for bearing with this, chew on the questions, and if you can give me
a few pointers/ or more accurate language, websites to post to, more
information to include, i'd be very, very grateful.Inquisitvly yours, Lucinda
 (reply to Lois Kollmeyer on March 10, 1998)

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