Choice of enrichment for E.coli O157 ex food.

john_m_nz at my-dejanews.com john_m_nz at my-dejanews.com
Mon Aug 10 05:18:40 EST 1998

mTSB+n versus mEC+n as the preferred enrichment for culture or immunological
detection of O157 in MEAT.

FDA BAM & AOAC describe mTSB+n (cefixime/vancomycin formula also recommended
is too inhibitory); USDA / FSIS use mEC+n.

Whilst our own work can find little difference between the two, a convention
appears to be developing where mEC+n is preferred for meat, whilst mTSB is
preferred for other foods. (The critical point presubably revolves around
expected flora). I have not however been able to source an "official" (such as
would be recognised by an international accreditation agency) reference to
support this view (which is compounded by an outside US location).

Any such references would be most helpful.

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