Publication data required

Silke Beismann sbeisma at Uni-MolGen.gwdg.de
Mon Aug 10 03:33:58 EST 1998

I am looking for some publications. During my research I found some
references cited as "Author name, submitted for publication". I searched
the Medline for these authors- without success.
Does anyone know where the following articles were published or how can
find it out?

1. Coates, J. D. et al.: Geobacter hydrogenophila- a dissimilatory
Se-3-reducer capable of oxidizing H2 and formate as well as acetate.

2. Coates, J. D. et al.: Glucooxidation coupled to Se3 reduction.

3. Coates, J. D.: et al.: A humic acid reducing microorganism isolated
from contaminated soils.

4. Caccavo, F. Jr. et al.: Geobacter acetoxidans sp. nov.- A Novel
dissimilatory metal- and sulfur reducing microorganism.

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