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Sat May 31 23:46:10 EST 1997

ruskinr at aruba.ccit.arizona.edu (Robert H Ruskin) wrote:

>Besides being a microbiologist, I am also an environmental scientist. I 
>currently subscribe to sci.environment and there was a post there that 
>was of some interest to me, the microbiologist on BSE. A person wrote that 
>BSE may not in fact be caused by prions, but rather from organo-phosphate 
>pesticides that the British seem to literally dump over their cattle to 
>ward off some fly.

>The post went on to say that once a cow has been diagnosed with Mad Cow 
>Disease it becomes the property of the government so there is in fact 
>very little known about what the cows *actually* die from, since 
>researchers have very little access to the cows for study.

>What we may in fact be seeing is not a disease due to prions, as much as 
>it may be one caused by pesticide accumulation within both within 
>the cow that shows the neuro-degenerative problems that we see, as well 
>as the people who die of alike symptoms. What we in fact may be 
>witnessing is a disease caused by a bio-accumulated pesticide in the food 

>Until the British open up access of the cows to researchers, it will 
>never be conclusively proven whether the problem is due in fact to a prion, 
>or a Silent Spring.

>Robert H. Ruskin, M.Sc.
>Environmental Microbiologist  

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