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Tim Williams tim at microbes.demon.co.uk
Thu May 29 16:11:22 EST 1997

In article <338D2C54.64DF at CASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au>, Gary Lum <Gary.Lum at C
ASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au> writes
>In Darwin we tend to treat alot of our _Shigella_ cases because many are
>also malnourished at the same time.
>  I report ampicillin (remember amp is better than amox in
>_Shigella_), co-trimoxazole and if systemic infection a third generation

I have read a paper linking use of beta lactams in cases of _Shigella
dysenteriae_ and EHEC to increased incidence of HUS (Mechanism appears
to be increased inflammatory reaction following breakup of bacteria and
exposure to more LPS. Increased cytokine then causes up regulation of
receptors to shiga toxin). Anybody want to comment on this? - do the
benefits of e.g amp outweigh possible risks of HUS ?

Tim Williams

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