Microbial Growth under Shear Forces

Mike O'Hara mjohara at pacbell.net
Wed May 28 21:03:38 EST 1997

goldmrkr at fast.net wrote:
> Colleagues -
> Does anyone have a reference relating the ability of microorganisms to
> colonize walls of steel pipe under a given flow rate for nutrient media?
> Are there guidelines for maximum flow rates which prevent microbial
> growth
> in a continuous reactor?
> Regards, Don Cox
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I am  aware of a Pseudomonas contaminant that stayed in piping for an
ultrafilter despite a relatively high (the exact number escapes me) flow
rate through 1" pipe. the turbulence of the flow meant that it wasn't
often exposed to all of the force (pockets) and could happily
recontaminate the product every now and then..
	We had to pull the system apart to get rid of it. 


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