Microbial Artificial Intelligence

Vladimir Ivanov ivanov at wlab.freenet.kiev.ua
Tue May 27 23:14:57 EST 1997

>  Most fungi I know require some nutrient
>   to sustain them, and if you don't have the right amount, they may continue
>   to grow, make new connections, and spoil your whole neural net.... or they
>   may die, spoiling your whole neural net.
To avoid these problems and  ensure the stability of the "fungal
chip"  during  20-30 days at  room  temperature, the thermophilic
species from Deuteromycetes will be used.It  will  be  "learned"
(i.e. formate the mycelial net)  at  55oC and  used  at 20oC.The
shelf-life of "fungal chip" in refrigerator may be at least  six
Vladimir Ivanov

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