Microbial Artificial Intelligence

Vladimir Ivanov ivanov at wlab.freenet.kiev.ua
Sat May 24 14:34:59 EST 1997

>  To make
>   statements such as" the network is grown/created under the
>   learning action of a computer" are meaningless.  How would you
>   propose to control the growth of a fungal mycelium by a computer?

Computer is  needed  to  generate the set  of electric impulses
which stimulate  not the elongation  of hyphae but branching  of
hyphae and   anastomosis  between  the   hyphaes  of   different
polarity. These "learning" impulses  are  a  stimulus  to create
the  "pseudoneural"  net  of  hyphaes  to accept the conditional
electric signal.

>  Many come here to obtain technical information on real microbiology

Sorry, the  discussions  about   the specificity of the media to
cultivate the bacteria is not a way to  a future. Most prominent
achievements  were    made  on   the  boundaries   between   the
sciences.The microbial biocomputer will be made on the  base  of
electrophysiology of microbial cells.There will be combined  the
computer ,electric and biological sciences.

The free   and friendly  discussions in the bionet  promote  ,in
principle,  the  development of  new  ideas   and   microbiology

Vladimir Ivanov

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