Yeast as Memory

Tom Dougherty Doughert at synapse.bms.com
Thu May 15 18:23:59 EST 1997

In article <3379B1D1.302C at mindless.com>, Kerry Milestone <kerry at mindless.com> says:
>I am looking for information to do with using yeast as memory for
>computers.  I have heard that there is research being done at MIT where
>they are flashing light onto the yeast, and the yeast are "remembering"
>the pattern of light.  Does anyone know if there are any published works
>relating to this topic, or who/where I might go to find further
>Thank you,
>Kerry Milestone (kmilesto at mcs.vuw.ac.nz)

Why on earth would you want to use a yeast as a memory unit?  The size of
circuit paths and transistors on silicon chips are already smaller than a 
yeast cell.  Best part is, you don't have to feed the silicon versions.
What do you plan to do if the yeast duplicate themselves?  Kind of shoots
the concept of a unique memory location storing one bit...  I also am not
aware of yeast storing anything when you flash a light on them.  Yeast are
already gainfully employed in the food and beveridge industry, and do not
need to diversify into electronics....

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