bioluminescence, N. American Forest

mdameron at isis.unc.edu mxd.msd1 at mhs.unc.edu
Fri May 23 14:55:20 EST 1997

I hunt and see greenish points of light early in the morning, well before 
daylight.  The greening light looks similar to the light given off from 
plankton at sea at night (G. Brevis??)  I've seen the bits of light in 
Maryland and N.Carolina.  They seem to be more common in moist areas, 
heavily wooded.  I assume it's some type of bioluminescence, from a 
bacterium or fungus perhaps.  The points of light stay visible for a few 
seconds and fade out.  They do not move noticably (unlike a lightning 
bug). I have never seen them in the evening after dark, only in the 
morning (0dark:30).  The light levels are very low and can often be seen 
better with the eyes off axis, rather than when looking directly at the 
points of light.

Other hunters have also mentioned them to me.  We can't all be seeing 

Does anyone have more info to offer.

Mike (mdameron at isis.unc.edu)

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