Straighting out the facts about evolution...

Rmcleod rmcleod at radix.net
Thu May 22 20:41:51 EST 1997

You did not start at the very beginning.  If anyone can answer this
question, I'll probably believe evolution. 
 Here is the question, 
IF you take every single evolutionary change backwards.  From what did
the whole process begin, and WHERE did that (atom?) come from?

Now if you want to believe that slime on a rock, or as you called it
soup, evolved into you and me fine.  
If you want toe believe that there have been mutations that are
beneficial and lasting, fine. 
 If you want to allow for the environment to make choices, luck, and
good mistakes in your evolutionary past, fine.  
I would prefer that an all-knowing God simply created everything out
of nothing. 
 In your line of thinking at some point something had to appear from
Answer that and I'll seriously consider my beliefs.

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