Help disrupting yeast wall

Horacio Cano hcano at alboran.ualm.es
Thu May 22 07:39:07 EST 1997

	I'm starting a study in wich I need to disrupt a yeast wall, and 
I've several problems with it.

	I would be very grateful if someone gave me information about how to
do it, I mean, some bibliography or some advices of someone who has 
worked with yeasts. 

	Is zymoliase worth for my purpose and where can I find it cheap? 
Do you know some protocol to isolate some enzime to obtain protoplasts? 
Does B-glucoronidase really works? Phisic breaking methods are enough?
Must I use both mechanic and enzimatic methods?

	Thank you in advance.

	You can write me to my e-mail>  
					hcano at alboran.ualm.es

	Or if you want to>	
				jmclemen at ualm.es

	Or if you prefer to this newsgroup.

	Thank you again. At your disposition>
	Horacio Cano Sola.
	Departamento de Bioquimica y Biologia Molecular
	Universidad de Almeria.

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