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Tue May 20 11:11:13 EST 1997

Heather Haines writes,

<Mail from this group ("fantazma") came to me todayvia the 
microbiologynewsgroup.  As I have only recently joined the newsgroup, I 
am fairly peeved to receive crap like this.  Is there a way that I can 
prevent getting this sort of junk mail? >

Prevent it? Wouldn't that be wonderful..... Not that *I* know of (but I 
await suggestions from other members of this group...). However, there is 
always the "delete" feature on my (and your?) emailer.  I've been in the 
practice of deleting - without  even "opening" - anything that looks like 
spam (junk email) - i.e., if the subject is "get rich, money" etc. or any 
subject which is outright, or appears to be sexual. That screens maybe 
95% of it out. The rest, which isn't so obvious by subject, I wind up 
opening up and noticing it's spam the second I begin to read it, so I 
delete it at *that* point.

I've been using the Internet for just over two years, and a subscriber to 
this newsgroup for around a year now. I think that  anybody who has an 
email address is a candidate for spam, and newsgroup members are subject 
to yet more. Exactly like, in the USA, anyway, how anybody with a street 
address or P.O. box gets at least a minimum amount of junk mail, but 
people who subscribe to magazines and/or have credit cards get socked 
worse. But that's what wastebaskets are for.  :-)


Mycelium is Yourcelium.  :-)

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