Extremophile Research Workshop

Mr. Ken Carter kcarter at umbc.edu
Wed May 14 10:38:24 EST 1997

                          JULY 7-10, 1997
 Center of Marine Biotechnology (COMB) , Baltimore, Maryland
    Co-sponsored by American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
        and the Maryland Biotechnology Institute (MBI)

This four-day laboratory-intensive course will cover procedures,
methodologies and up-to-date information about the Archaea, a group of
organisms commonly found in what are considered harsh or extreme
environments. This workshop provides introductory and intermediate level
instruction in Archaeal laboratory techniques,
including growth, biochemistry, and genetics. A basic knowledge of
microbiology and nucleic acid laboratory procedures is helpful.

The first day of the course will be devoted to a symposium on topics in
ARCHAEAL research with Methanogenic,(Hyper)Thermophilic and Halophilic
Archaea, including:
molecular biology, genetics and physiology, ecology, phylogeny, genome
organization, genomic applications, consortia and bioremediation,
virology, archaeal lipids and lipid biochemistry, and biotechnological

The following three days will be devoted to laboratory sessions, which
will be preceded by a lecture on methodology and procedures for each of
the Archaeal groups. The laboratory sessions will include three two-hour
blocks of demonstration and hands-on experiments focusing on Methanogenic,
Thermophilic, and Halophilic Archaea and includes media preparation,
inoculation, growth, plating, counting, anaerobic biochemistry,
transformation, virus induction, and transfection. 

The broad hands-on experience should give attendees the necessary
background and information to conduct similar studies in their own
laboratories. This workshop will benefit those with a foreseeable need to
use Archaeal systems in their studies.
"Archaea: A Laboratory Manual," published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Press, will be used as a framework for the experiments conducted in the

Registration information and a complete Workshop Schedule are available in
the WWW at:  http://www.atcc.org/workshops/arch_sch.html

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be conducted at the University of
Maryland's Center of Marine Biotechnology (COMB) in the Columbus Center,
located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Faculty: Harold J. Schreier, Ph.D., University of Maryland Biotechnology
Institute (Workshop Co-director); Kevin R. Sowers, Ph.D., UMBI (Workshop
Co-director); Frank T. Robb, Ph.D., UMBI; Alan A. Place, Ph.D., UMBI;
Shiladitya DasSarma, Ph.D., Univ. Of Massachusetts, Amherst

$195.00 - One day symposium - limited to 65 participants / 0.7 CEUs

$1,195.00 - Symposium and a 3-day laboratory workshop - limited to 24
participants / 2.8 CEUs 

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