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Fri May 16 18:47:46 EST 1997

Andrea Reale wrote:

> It is extremely urgent to know something about a disease in a child 6
> years old in Cagliari-Sardegna-ITALY

> Symptoms are:

> blood ipercoagulation

> thrombs forming in 15 seconds, red coloured, with white nucleus
> 2-3 cm (1 inch) of lenght

> It has been necessary the amputation of a leg.

> If any knows these symptoms or diagnosys, contact

> lukrezia at mbox.vol.it
> stefania at alanet.it
> schintu at pan.bio.uniroma1.it
> psico at mbox.vol.it

Not much of a history to go on, but I presume meningococcaemia has been
excluded as a cause of DIC and then Waterhouse-Frederiechsen syndrome



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