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Carl A. Maxwell maxwelca at esvax-mail.es.dupont.com
Fri May 16 12:08:11 EST 1997


         DuPont Agricultural Products is seeking a highly-motivated researcher 
with the ability to produce functional plant and fungal proteins utilizing 
heterologous expression systems.  Protein will be used for high-throughput 
screening, site of action analyses and protein structure/function studies.  
This individual will be expected to obtain the full-length structural genes 
coding for the target of interest, utilize the appropriate host and expression 
vectors that yield the most active protein, and assist in designing and 
executing purification schemes.  

         In addition to protein expression skills, candidates must have a 
knowledge of enzymology, protein chemistry, basic microbiology, and basic 
analytical biochemistry methods.  Willingness to interact with researchers of 
various disciplines such as molecular biology, computational chemistry, 
enzymology, robotics, physiology, or metabolism is also required.  The 
individual will work with a multidisciplinary team that has the objective of 
discovering new herbicides and fungicides.  The individual will join team 
members in elucidating and characterizing the molecular sites of action of crop 
protection chemicals, as well as designing and implementing novel screening 
technology.  Our project team environment requires excellent verbal and written 
communications skills, and the ability to interact well with others on the 
interpersonal and intellectual levels.


         Minimum requirements for the position include a Ph.D., with 2 years of 
postdoctoral experience, in the biological or chemical sciences (e.g., 
biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology) with expertise in optimizing 
production of plant or fungal proteins in bacteria or yeast systems.  
Experience with protein chemistry and a basic familiarity with analytical 
techniques such as HPLC, GC, NMR, or mass spectrometry is required.  Strong 
computer skills are also necessary.  The successful candidate must be a team 
player with excellent problem-solving skills and have the ability to 
communicate effectively across relevant scientific disciplines.

         We offer a stimulating work environment, a strong history and mission 
in discovery of new crop protection chemicals, and excellent Company benefits.

         Qualified candidates should send their letter of application and 
curriculum vitae to:

         Stine-Haskell Research Center
         Attention Human Resources, AGGT97-27
         P.O. Box 30
         Newark, DE 19714

Applications must be received by June 16, 1997 for consideration.

         DuPont is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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