LIFE vs DEATH (seeking answers)

Andrew Fell ahfell at netmatters.co.uk
Wed May 14 20:00:43 EST 1997

Rumple Stiltzski wrote:


>      I am not a scientist myself, you so can gauge how much
> credibility you would like to lend my theory.
>      There is a form of light, as of yet undetected by human eye or
> aperatus, that dictates a large amount of survival instincts for life
> on our planets.  This 'colour' varies in 'hue, depth, degree' etc. and

You can't see it or detect it, but it exists. Trust me.

> depending on how certain parts of the brain respond, tell the
> biological creature what to do.  For example, there is a hue of
> undetected light that tells a bird to fly south; another that drives
> the lemmings over cliffs, and another that breaths life into potential
> life.
If you can't detect it, how does the brain respond to it?

>      This light, like all light, is an energy, and it sparks the gap
> between existance and non-existance much the way a sparkplug does in a
> Renault.

Ah ha! A Renault driver! Now we're getting somewhere.

>      The knowledge of this light is very muddled at the moment,

I would say muddled is an understatement. 

> the insinuations of it go by many different names.  Myself, I call it
> God for lack of better word.
Because you can't see, hear, touch, taste, or feel it or measure it with
any apparatus but you still think it exists despite any confirmatory
evidence. Good definition of God.

Andy the debunker

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