SeqAlert. Sequence Alertness Service.

Benny Shomer bshomer at ebi.ac.uk
Mon May 12 09:08:14 EST 1997

Seqalert is a service which lets you deposit from one to many
search profiles for the SRS server. You may create, edit or
delete profiles as much as you need, at any time. 

Every morning, the program will pick up your profiles and
will run a query against the selected SRS server. If there
were any new sequence entries to either the EMNEW (EMBL's new
updates) or SWISSNEW (SWISSPROT's new updates) databases, you
will be mailed the HTML output of the SRS server, modified to
let you use it localy.

Seqalert can be accessed at:  

Seqalert is not an official service of EBI.



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