mesuring bacteria, mold, algae growth by respirometery

JanCzek janczek at aol.com
Sat May 10 22:15:11 EST 1997

 Bacteria, yeast algae RESPIROMETER
We developed very sensitive O2/CO2 Respirometer  which can monitor oxygen
consumption of algae at the levels of 0.2 uL O2/hour. It was also  used to
measure respiration of zebra mussels, water plants, respiration of seed,
insects, vegetables, olive fruits and cherries. It was also used to test
bacteria growth in fruit juices and in testing bioremediation rate  of oil
spills ( Exxon
Valdez). 1 to 80 samples can be tested simultaneously over minutes or
months in air or modified atmosphere. Respirometer can be supplemented
with CH4, H2S, H2 and NH3 
analyzers . Principle of measurement is in the measuring head space gas
by externally located gaseous vary sensitive analyzers ( 0.001%).

If you are interested in receiving more information drop me a note  and I
will send you
instrument description and application notes including published papers on
its marine applications.
Jan Czekajewski
Columbus, Ohio, USA
e-mail : janczek at aol.com

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