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Jeff L. Miller wrote:
> >John,
> >       You are quite correct, evolution is a complex phenomenon and its
> >role is still subject to much discussion and debate.  Keep in mind that
> >nature is amoral, there are no "good" or "bad" aspects to the natural
> I'm sorry if there is such a thing as evolution it is still a plan not an
> accident. Someone or something is driving that plan. How would you evolve an
> eye or a wing (and give it as many millions of years as you like)? I suppose
> it is an accident that you all learned to study biology. No it was a plan.
> The world is awesomely and wonderfully made look into your microscope and
> tell me it's not.


	I look into my microscope and, no I do not see a "plan".  The problem
with this discussion is that we are really speaking different
languages.  You have faith that there had to be a planner.  As long as
you are honest enough to acknowledge that you have not need for logic or
proof, I have no problem with that.  The method of science operates
completely differently.  We observe the world, make guesses (the fancy
name is hypothesis), and then we test our guesses.  We do have a faith -
we have faith that you can best learn about the world by carefully
examining it.  

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