Bill Cicio bcicio at juno.com
Fri May 9 16:57:40 EST 1997

I need to find a reference book that might list the microbes that are
generally found on public toilets seats.  I'm an independent inventor who
has developed a flushable paper product which gives women the ability to
urinate into a public toilet while standing and facing the bowl much like
the guys do as a way of avoiding physical contact with the seat.  Anyway, I
really could use a fairly extensive list and or some photos of the microbes
for conceptual ads we are putting together for the product.

Any advice on a source for this type of information would be appreciated.

You can find information about the product at
http://www.space4less.com/usr/lafemme if your are curious.  

And, yes, we do have a sense of humor.  
We have to.

Product Development
bcicio at juno.com

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