William Tivol tivol at news.wadsworth.org
Fri May 9 09:34:03 EST 1997

hefeng at cz3.nus.sg wrote:
: I have a question here:
: Is every individual determined when he is still an embryo? As the embryo
: grows it simply read off the code in the genes? Or is the genes only a
: starting point? Or a general structure, and as one grows, necessary
: details (not stored in the code) are added in?
: Is the degree of freedom of a full grown individual greater than that of a
: genetic molecule?

	There is definitely more than the genes which determine an individual.
Environment plays a very significant role--especially that in utero.  For
example, the structure of the brain is determined to a great extent by its
interaction with the environment--there are *many* other examples.
				Bill Tivol

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