Auxotroph requirements

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Wed May 7 11:57:42 EST 1997

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> We have E.coli B834 cells which are seleno-methionine auxotrophs. We need
> to know what concentration of the other amino acids do you add to minimal
> media and what is the  composition of the minimal media.
> Thanks for your help --
> Dr Michelle Hayes
> Department of Biochemistry
> University of Bristol

Generally amino acids are added at about 10 ug/ml for growth of E.
coli. There are many different minimal media's, depending upon what you
are trying to do. A good starting place is Jeffrey Miller's book
Experiments in Molecular Genetics from Cold Spring Harbor (1972) or his
update of that A Short Course in Bacterial Genetics also from Cold
Spring Harbor. But you can probably find recipes in virtually any
handbook on molecular biology.

Michael Benedik
Department of Biochemical Sciences
University of Houston
benedik at uh.edu

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