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Karen antonelli.2 at pop.service.ohio-state.edu
Mon May 5 18:56:12 EST 1997

>        I'm a Biology major at San Diego Mesa College.  I'm scheduled for
>in Spring of 98 to UCSD.  My question is, how much experience is required
>to volunteer in a lab (cultures, microscopy, ect) or volunteer for some
>kind of service in a hospital?  I've taken a Microbiology course as well as
>a Medical Terminology course.  Are there more requirements?  What
>should/could I do?  Please respond.  Thank you for your time.
>                                        Sincerely,
>                                                        Chris

If you have basic microbiology techniques, including aseptic tech.) down then 
your are ready to go! I'm still a student of microbiology at Ohio State. I 
started working at OSU Hosp. as a student Med. Tech. even before I took a 
micro. class. It's great experience but be persistant whereever you look for a 
job. Alot of places think that students are flighty and a pain to teach but if 
you are persistant they'll realize you really want to learn. A good place to 
start is with your professors- they can be good references later. but if you 
don't like that idea (I didn't!) then try any other company that strikes your 
interest. San Diego is filled with biotech. companies so I'm sure oyu won't 
have a problem. Good luck!

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