conclution on the question of evolution (He Feng)

Antonio Greaney Delgado kneep at gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
Mon May 5 18:08:07 EST 1997

Chris Colby  <colby at biology.bu.edu> wrote:
>Richard Steele wrote:
>> >Hi! I am the high school student who raised the question on evolution.
>> >Since then I've received quite a number of responses.
>> I'll bet even *more* told you to bog off.  Can't you take a hint?
>It's a high school kid curious about evolution. Do you have to be such
>an asshole? Is it bad to foster kid's interest in biology and science?

I believe what Richard, in his own inimitable way, is try to say (if I may
be so bold, Richard) is that haphazard crossposting is an annoyance to
people on the Internet who wish to avoid it. This student posted to
several newsgroups that undoubtedly have discussions on this topic. Ours,
(alt.life.universe.everything) doesn't (unless something wierd happens
(which admittedly is more often than not (but that doesn't always mean
that everytime something weird happens we talk about evolution))).


For those of you still posting in response to any of these messages,
please strike "alt.life.universe.everything" from the newsgroup list. So
that we may continue to talk about absolutely nothing of consequence.


P.S. Entropy requires no maintenance.

[Note: Alt.life.universe.everything has already been struck from the ng
list in this post.]

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