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In article <862823475.27196 at dejanews.com>, hefeng at cz3.nus.sg writes:
|> Hi! I am the high school student who raised the question on evolution.

[ snip.  I liked your summary. ]

|> However, one question remains unanswered.
|> Why life at all?

Why not?

|> Is it ture that once the enviroment gets right, life automatically springs
|> out?

We only have one environment to study.  I believe current research
shows a small handful of hundreds of millions of years between the end
of the planet's bombardment/formation, and the first cells.  If a
process that takes 200,000,000 years can be called "springs out", then
the answer is "so far, yes."

|> If so, what's the agency that causes this to happen?

What is the agency that causes tornadoes, or hurricanes?  The same one
applies in this case.  One ought not be surprised by organization
emerging in an energy flow, in this case of light & heat from the sun
warming one side of the earth, and the earth dumping that heat back
into space on its side opposite the sun.

|> I'd like to thank all those who have kindly shared their knowledge and
|> thoughts with me. They have helped me to gain a valuable insight in the
|> issue.

|> Any commends please post to the newsgroup: talk.origins
|> or send your email to: e904952p at hjc.edu.sg
|> Thank you.
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