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Chris Colby colby at biology.bu.edu
Mon May 5 12:24:38 EST 1997

Uncle Al Schwartz wrote:

>  As 98+% of the human genome consists of
> introns 

The human genome is not ninety-eight percent introns. Roughly three
percent of our genome is coding DNA. The rest is various classes of
repetitive DNA. (Britten and Kohne called them foldback DNA, highly
repetitive DNA and middle-repetitive DNA.) The repetitive DNA may be
localized or dispersed.

Introns are non-coding regions of genes. I don't know what percent of
the genome they take up, but since they are part of genes, I'll guess
less than three percent.

[I grabbed this info from Li and Graur's 1991 book (Molecular

> Alan "Uncle Al" Schwartz

Chris Colby

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