conclution on the question of evolution (He Feng)

Richard Steele Richard at r832.demon.co.uk
Mon May 5 06:54:02 EST 1997


>Hi! I am the high school student who raised the question on evolution.
>Since then I've received quite a number of responses. I'd like to present
>some of the conclutions of the discussion.
>There are mainly two points.
>First, many who wrote to me pointed out that evolution does NOT
>necessarilly move towards greater complexity.

I'll bet even *more* told you to bog off.  Can't you take a hint?

>I'd like to thank all those who have kindly shared their knowledge and
>thoughts with me. They have helped me to gain a valuable insight in the

<INSIGHT>  Another tosser on line  </INSIGHT>

Richard - Whose nice comfy chair by the fire has a new squeak !

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