LIFE vs DEATH (seeking answers)

Terrance Richard Boyes tez at pierrot.co.uk
Sun May 4 19:33:24 EST 1997

Alec Cawley (alec at cawley.demon.co.uk) wrote:
> It was said by William A Taylor that
> >e904952p at hjc wrote:
> >
> >> Hi! I am a high school student fascinated by the phenomena of life. I've
> >
> >I see this as a philosophical question, which will not find many

Not a homework question?

> >satisfying responses in this newsgroup as this is mostly a scientific
> >forum.  Scientific views of life can be called mechanistic which says that
Or not...
> "This" may be a scientific forum to you, but because of the uninhibited
> way the original poster has spammed the newsgroups, he has also hit a
> completely unscientific wibble group. We shall see what eventuates.

You're talking about SeKS again aren't you :)

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