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Mon May 5 05:33:21 EST 1997

Hi! I am the high school student who raised the question on evolution.
Since then I've received quite a number of responses. I'd like to present
some of the conclutions of the discussion.
There are mainly two points.
First, many who wrote to me pointed out that evolution does NOT
necessarilly move towards greater complexity. Indeed in many
circumstances, the reverse happens. At the beginning of life evolution got
no where else to go but towards higher complexity and organisation. You
can't get simpler than the simplest! However this is not the case as time
goes on.
Second, the only driving force in the process of evolution is survival.
The fittest survives always applies. Most of the time complexity helps
oganisms to sruvive better, but sometimes simplicity helps to. That's why
we see a large variety of living things now. Bacterias are still around
and they are doing pretty well.
As shown by the recently reported lizard experiment, the process of
evolution is faster than many of us think. It's possible, actually likely,
that organs such as the eye could have formed during the years.
(Well, human civilization has existed for thousands of years, have we
changed much by the drastic change of our living enviroment?)

However, one question remains unanswered.
Why life at all?
Is it ture that once the enviroment gets right, life automatically springs
If so, what's the agency that causes this to happen?

I'd like to thank all those who have kindly shared their knowledge and
thoughts with me. They have helped me to gain a valuable insight in the
Any commends please post to the newsgroup: talk.origins
or send your email to: e904952p at hjc.edu.sg
Thank you.
He Feng
e904952p at hjc.edu.sg

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