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Mon May 5 06:51:17 EST 1997

Hi! I realised that I've been missing a lot of discussions. (I couldn't
access Usenet very often, the government won't allow it)
In my article "evolution (please read)" I wrote something about
equilibrim. Certainly living organisms are not in equilibrim state. They
are not even in near-equilibrim state. In such states there will be no
life at all.
But life can't occur in systems that are too far from equilibrim either.
In such circumstance CHAOS takes place and life can't exist. Living
organisms are open sytems (we exchange energy and matter with the outside
world), I understand that it's this constant "kick" from outside world
that keeps us from equillibrim state (which means death!) but not too far.
I am thinking if life itself is a necessary phenomanon, meaning that
natural laws leads inevitably to life, maybe it could be somehow explained
by bifurcation of open systems. When the "kick" from outside reach a
certain critical value, life occurs!
He Feng

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