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Glashrt glashrt at aol.com
Fri May 2 22:39:20 EST 1997

Hi out there.  I'm a newly (one year ago) MT who wanted to get a job in
Microbiology, however I am working as a generalist in a small hospital and
am even spearheading an effort to start a Micro Dept. just so I can read a
few plates!!  :)

Anyway, what I want to know is:  how do I get a Micro job?  Everyplace
wants experience.  Should I go back to school and get a Micro degree?  I'm
living in Kansas and the medical environment is really feeling the pinch
of Managed Care right now.  There are also no universities that offer a
Micro degree in the area, so I would like to know what schools are good to
go to for Micro.  Any help appriciated.

Kandace <----- even misses doing O&P!!!
I'm just "wookin' pa nub".

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