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hefeng at cz3.nus.sg hefeng at cz3.nus.sg
Sat May 3 05:01:18 EST 1997

I am a high school student seeking some answers.(Somehow I always seem to
start my article by saying that)
Recently I've thinking how can that enormous amount of information all be
stored in one single embryo. Information describing a fully grown
organism! In a sense a complete blueprint is in that embryo. How does this
I am studying chaos theory and I just learned that very simple dynamic
system can generate extremely complicated behavior. An example is the
famous Madelbrot set.(well it's not exactly a dynamic system but the
message is the same)
Could it be that what is stored in the embryo is a simple mapping, some
instructions telling the embryo how to evolve. All the details such as the
complex network of brain cells simple come about as the embryo blindly
follows the instruction?
Of course external feedback also plays an important role.
Please send your response to: e904952p at hjc.edu.sg  as I don't often have
access to Usenet.
Thank you.
He Feng
e904952p at hjc.edu.sg

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