luminescence in fish by Vibrio

Andrew John Panyko epiphany at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 2 11:25:59 EST 1997

Does anyone have any ideas as to why it may be evolutionarily
advantageous for Vibrio harveyi and fischeri to cause luminescence in
certain species of fish and squid?  Would this be beneficial to the
Vibrio, the fish, or both?  Is it harmful to the fish?  Is this
response dependant on the fish's environment?  Does the fish that the
Vibrio inhabit have to be alive- if not, does the response of
luminescence continue after death?  Are these Vibrio dangerous to
humans in any way?  Do thses Vibrio species inhabit fish that are
normally consumed by humans?  Any deas or sources on this topic would
be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.  Ana  

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