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Thu Jul 31 10:39:05 EST 1997

Jim Hillis wrote:
>         Is immobilizing an enzyme the same as stablizing an enzyme?
>         Do the two terms mean the same thing?

     I've never heard of "stabilizing" enzymes, except colloquially in
the sense of stabilizing the structure against denaturation (enzyme X is
stabilized by the addition of Y mol/L of substance Z to the solution). 
Note that I'm not an enzymologist by training so don't take my word for
this.  If there's another technical meaning of this term, I would love
to know about it.
     Immobilizing an enzyme has a specific meaning though:  An
immobilized enzyme is prevented from escaping some region or
environment.  Most commonly, the enzyme is bound (either physically or
chemically) to a support, but it can also mean encapsulation in porous
polymeric matrices or even just prevented from flowing through a reactor
by size-selective membranes.

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