the SINISTER plan a group of powerful jews and their gentile servants will use to maintain power and suppress other groups especially Heterosexual white genile men!

Clemens a9607369 at nospam.univie.ac.at
Wed Jul 30 21:04:15 EST 1997

> >As i see the jews using biotechnology to racially improve themselves
> >(not to mention their continuing to interbreed with blond aryan women),
> Wrong, numb-nuts.  We do it to dilute and destroy the aryan gene pool.
> New scientific developments will shortly make it possible to dispose
> of your defective, inferior race much more quickly and permanently
> than the slow, old-fashioned method of interbreeding.  The curtain
> is about to close on the aryan race, and not a moment too soon.

Jolly good to hear that my brethren will soon be ready to eliminate the
"Aryan" race. Maybe we should start over here in Austria? Lots of things we
possessed and they took us are waiting to return into our hands. Viva la
reconquista ;-)

Would all bloody Nazi buggers now be so kind as to leave the Usenet?

I guess not :-(

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